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go ahead an cry boy daddy knows it hurts
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Hello I'm a no nonsense strict old fashion type daddy . I give real bare bottom over the knee daddy/son spankings for real reasons . I'm looking for boys that is really into the daddy/son role play and age play thing . As a daddy I try to make the boy feel like a boy as much as possible . I talk to the boy like a daddy would when his son did wrong . This daddy always spanks over his knee and always on the boys bare bottom . This daddy does not BEAT his boys but will promise the boys his bare bottom will be bright red and will feel like his bottom is on fire . Daddy will always be the one that pulls down the boys pants & underwear . Other things daddy may do to his boys are : giving his boys their bath , keeping his boys private parts shaven & butt , giving his boys enemas & suppositories , putting his boys back into diapers , re-potty training the boy , get rid of the boys ( boy cream ) , treating the boy like the age he wants to be , etc..... Daddy will make the boy do corner time before his spanking if possible and after his spanking if possible if the spanking is done inside the house . Daddy also scolds his boys . Daddy also makes the boy look as boyish as daddy can . Your daddy
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