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Looking for someone to spank me !
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I'am a very cute looking slim completely smooth and tanned masochist that loves being tightly restrained and spanked ! I love wearing cute little tight short shorts to show off my irrestable looking toned smooth and tanned legs and my cute little round tight head turning bottom ! I also like wearing under my tight little short shorts > tight form fitting bikini style plastic panties ..... that look absolutely adorable ! I'am not into the infant type fetish ! I just love wearing tight fitting plastic panties and showing off in them before being spanked while wearing them ....every time I'am wearing just my plastic panties and showing off , I'am told that I'am a complete tease .... causing the man or men that are about to spank me to get a huge throbbing erection because of the way my cute little bottom looks in them ! I also love having them removed for some serious bare bottom strappings ! I love all things related to the bdsm scene , I love having a man tightly restrain me and use me for all his sadistic desires and pleasures ! I've got great looking nipples for nipple torments , and I love corporal punishment where I'am given no choice but to except what ever my disciplianary dishes out < no matter how much I'am resisting and begging , I don't ever want the disciplianary to ever give into my pleas ! hopefully whom ever is disciplining me is getting turned on by my resisting and pleading ! I also love having electro torments used on me against my will ! If you've got a dungeon like play room ? that would be great , because that really helps set the mood for some serious bdsm torments ! Hopefully you'll be interested in using me for your sadistic enjoyment ? Thanks ........ boy scotty
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