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bear cub for big chubby/bear/daddies
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cub4bigdad2 Male 54 Gay Play partner - switch
Love to feel Master's excited short breath when having a hard time tied up, helpless, in the hands of Master Currently looking for long tough flogging/whipping/spanking sessions, hands tied up high above my head, legs spread apart, until my butt and back become blue with nice red strips, with a strong mature father-figure Dom/Dad/Sir. Ideally repeat the treatment during one or two days until i ask for mercy, exhausted Loves to be tied up and forced to do what Master likes, to be told what to do, be taken to the edge and back for looong periods, tease/deny games etc Love long bondage sessions, restrained at all time, serving and servicing on request, locked in chastity, not having any control on my pleasure and body, fed by whatever gets out of Dad's and His friends cocks, sleeping restrained at wherever place that will please Sir i also can be exhibit in bars or outdoor, restrained and ready to please Sir and His friends After the trust is established, this sub/slave loves to play without safe words, giving 100% control to Master, and it expects Master to test and push my limits. Before that i use safe words and my hard limits are scat, marks that last more than a week after the session ends, shaving, breath control, BB. i'm looking for 1 or more big sadistic bear/daddy/chub (preferably big, bellied, mature, hairy) Special turn on for short big hairy sadistic dads/bears in white briefs and white vest Buzz words: bondage, flogging, cbt, tt, gags, ropes, hoods, blindfolds, forced chastity, milking, spanking, ws, wax, whips, pup/dog play, collars, CP, humiliations, role play, diaper, vibrators, cum control, dog cages, white briefs, outdoor, water sports..
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