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Seeking real spankings
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cnyspank Male 62 Gay Relationship
big believer in the benefits and values of good sound spanking. Boys and men misbehave, and when they do, they need a partner to yanks their pants down , put them over his knee, and soundly spank their bare bottoms until they have learned a major lesson and promise to behave...nothing works better. ALL men should be spanked and spanked till they bawl like little boys if they need or deserve a good reminder of how to behave. No one is ever too old or too big. Looking for genuiine LTR where domestic discipline is used and used soundly when either misbehaves. All other elements of relationship should apply, but domestic discipline is a primary source of how the house is run for both. Believe strongly in spanking, and hope to find partner that believes in spankng when I misbehave and being spanked when he to partner relocating if necessary
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