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Spanking bottom NW UK
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ccopey Male 50 Gay Play partner - top
Being spanked butt and balls slapped/squeezed/spanked not really into roleplay. Always nude, make me strip, confiscate clothes, clothes locked away, hands tied or restrained and gagged. Not too heavy spanking but bossed into position. Spanking scenes, mixed sessions butt and balls, not into oral but butt avail for use (take advantage after a good spanking!)- 1. Bum high, legs spread wide apart, restrained in place nuts squeezed, butt spanked (release when you are spent) 2. Remote outdoors - woods, hikes, bend over a log, tree stump and use away 3. genuine but light woodshed (go there nude) until you've finished 4. humbler spanking session.... spank butt, balls and then use
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