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CAVE! Boy, you asked 4 it! (pics on demand!)
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boyyouasked4it Male 54 Gay Play partner - bottom
I´m a straightforward and sensible guy, but strict and strong enough to put you over my knee and and give you the spanking you deserve such a long time. From authentic father-son thrashings to real hard and intense punishments, with hand, strap, brush, tawse or cane... almost anything is possible. How far are you willing to go? You are a young, smooth and slim boy in need of discipline and a firm hand: there you are! If you have bad grades, are bad at school or training or tend to go off the rails... You´ll get what you deserve! Even if that means a bright red sore bottom. (if you are rather boyish than masculine, rather slim than stocky and not over 25 yrs old - or younger looking - let´s get in touch and we take it from there!)
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