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I believe that a boy should be spanked over his dad's knee on his bare ass with a paddle, strap or hairbrush until he bawls and howls like a coyote. I don't believe in safe words or pre-arranged number of strokes. I am 40 yo, 6' 1' tall, 240 lbs with short brown hair , bushy brown mustache and hazel eyes. I am smooth not hairy. I am looking for that special Spanker that will push me over the edge into tears. Although I have never had tears, yet, I think it would be very cathartic for me but probably for a Spanker too. I am a working Flight Attendant so I travel alot. I work in Washington, DC but I live in Memphs, Tennessee. I am based in Washington, DC-National. So I divide my time between Washington, DC-Metro and Nashville and just about everywhere else from coast to coast. I work about 8 day a month. So finding the time to visit isn't problem for me. I will say that there is a great advantage to being the disciplinarian to a Flight Attendant.
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