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Old Fashioned Bare Ass Spanking
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Dad/Son Discipline Old Fashioned BARE ASS Spankings have taken place for ages to enforce discipline and behavior correction. Somewhere along the way, traditional OTK discipline has been lost and society has become worse for it. Many of us remember how important this was and acknowledge that the need still exists. We can all recall a time when we thought we had become too old to be spanked. Then, one day, our reality changed. Something we said or did was the turning point for Dad when we found ourselves once again being taken firmly in hand to his bedroom for a much-needed spanking. Heart racing as he sat at the edge of the bed. Standing in front of him only to be pulled closer as he reached out to pull open the waist button. Unzipped pants and jockeys are forced down so quickly, there is no time to balance while being pulled over Dad’s lap. His first smack is immediate and firm, and a steady rhythm begins. Feelings of embarrassment and humiliation quickly flood back and the thought of never imagining to be in this position again. All while Dad's hand is smacking the Bare Ass held tightly across his lap, he lectures about behavior and respect and what he will not tolerate. He emphasizes certain words with rapid fire smacks. Dad’s grip holds his son firmly in place until he feels his job is done. A good Dad recognizes his responsibility doesn't end when a son becomes an adult. If the need is still there, he must step in to discipline him. Age does not matter. I’m looking for a Local Top (or versatile) Guy with similar interests. Interested in Role Play fun. Especially like Dad/Son, Uncle/Nephew. Old Fashioned Bare Ass HAND Spanking (not into extremes), Doctor/Patient (Forced Rectal Temps) & other embarrassing role play ideas.
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