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Old Fashioned Bare Ass Spanking
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Old Fashioned Dad/Son Discipline Traditional Discipline Spankings have taken place for many years and have effectively been used to teach right from wrong and behavior correction. However, the days of expected consequences for our actions have slipped away over the years. Many of us remember how important this was and acknowledge that the need still exists. We all remember a time when we thought we had become too old to get spanked. Then that one eventful day came when we did something wrong and find out otherwise. Surprised when Dad walked us into the bedroom. Heart racing as he sat at the edge of the bed. Standing in front of him only to be pulled closer as he reached out to pull open the waist button, unzip and pants yanked down. Next, his hands reaching inside the waistband, forcing those jockeys down and being pulled across his lap. Without hesitation, his hand begins a steady smacking rhythm. Feelings of embarrassment and humiliation quickly flood back and the thought of never imagining being in this position again. Dad may lecture a bit as he is spanking but his main objective is getting his point across with hand to bare ass cheeks. He may even use a harder smack or two when emphasizing his words to get his point across more effectively. A good Dad recognizes that his responsibility does not end when his Son becomes an adult. If the need is still there, he must be responsible enough to discipline him at any age. Looking for a Local Top (or versatile) Guy with similar interests. Interested in Role Play fun. Especially like Dad/Son, Uncle/Nephew. Old Fashioned Bare Ass HAND Spanking (not into extremes), Doctor/Patient (Forced Rectal Temps) & other embarrassing role play ideas.
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