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Are you someone who needs spankings to be more than a game in your home/love life? Tired of one night and one off sessions? With on going trust you can achieve real cathartic spankings? Do you wish you had some corporal punishment guidance in your life? Or are you inteterested in providing 'seat of the pants' love? Have you ever wished you could give up power to, or take charge of, your boyfriend in a very tangeable way? Do you ever have to deal with embarrassing behavior or irresponsibility and wish: I had a mentor? Or was a mentor? I am seeking gays who want to practice domestic discipline to meet and discuss what domestic discipline is all about and perhaps to meet a partner. Why do we have to wait to till the end of the relationship for the begging, remorse and tears? STATS: 5`8', 180 lbs, clean shaven, fit, often shaved head, Sweet butt (firm, round and smooth), cut (most love the shape), pierced nipple – NOT BOYISH. HAVE PICS (YOU MUST TOO) TO TRADE PERSONAL STATS: Travel regularly to Asia, Europe and Middle East (wanna tag along?) I have a large appetites and I love to explore everywhere/thing. I have a great life with many long time friends (my friends are my greatest accomplishment). I enjoy laughter and edgy humor Sexually I am very very very experienced like a lil vanilla and wild in my diet (I need and want great regular casual or more regular). Passionate intellectual who is fearless and curious. Compassionate yet moral BIG BIG BIG FOODIE!!! International Businessman with a strong interest in the arts and humanity (last Banking socialist here) LANGUAGE: English and French FLUENT, Spanish RUSTY and notions of Mandarin and Arabic TYPE OF PERSON I SEEK: Responsible --- you fuck up and you take ownership Passionate --- you have great interest in something (art, work, music, food, travel) Nurturer --- I will protect you BUT i need you to make me feel safe, loved and tended (you should also be free of bigottry) Sexual --- (I do not need monogamy but some sparks definitely --- probably versatility and imagination) Adjusted --- you should have your emotions and life in order when we meet Friend --- you will have many life long friends and good rapport with parts of your family (I am very social and you should be too) Foodie --- I take great pleasure shopping, discovering and making food Traveler --- I want to live and be around the world (I like exploring the St Lawrence Market, Dubai Spice Market, London Antique Market --- want to see 4 Seasons and mud huts; do not do 'all inclusives', USA and cruise ships well) Funny --- I think we share humor with our friends For sex you can be from 18 to 50 BUT for relationship be closer to me in age OTHER: Socks Underwear fetish, and age regression interest MY DEFINITION OF DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE (NOT SET IN STONE:) A)The spanker sets the limits, scene – the boy does not set the terms of a spanking B)Strong verbal C)This is not purely about pain – it is about handing over control! D)The boy will have limited choice in attendance and venue E)Semi public or group is fine (you have another boy, top or friend that you want to witness is fine). For once the top sets all the rules - are you up to the challenge?
London United Kingdom
Toronto Ontario
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