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beltwelts Male 66 Gay Play partner - switch
*more commonly known as Max* There are times when I could use a good spanking but I am more in demand as a spanker. I'll give a spanking to anybody who needs one with no expectation of reciprocation but I'd also welcome a switch or an occasional spanking top. My place is available almost all the time. My favorite implement is a leather strap, whether it's a belt, razor strop, tack, or a purpose made spanking strap such as a tawse. I have a couple of school paddles that a rather crudely made--probably wood shop projects--among various other implements. My hand is always an option but most guys require a longer and more severe spanking than I can deliver by hand. I can do mouthsoaping (though not fond of it myself) and give corner time, work projects. Tell me what you find satisfying or what you might like to try. Show me pictures or stories if you have any and I'll see what we can do. I'm particularly interested in hearing from guys who are able to meet at some time. I travel to NY, NJ, SEPA, SONJ, NODE occasionally and may be able to meet there--at your place--if the logistics can be worked out.
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