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needs firm correction for its night time soiling
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as the heading says at 47 i still wet the bedd a bit and therefore understand that as a result i have to be punished and proved with toilet training am open to most thing bar scat blood or perm marks my story I have always been punished for my wetting at home by dad till 17 up to 12 hand only after 12 thick leather belt which always hung on my bedroom door till he came in on Sunday morning he would close the door remove the belt come over to my bed pull the blankets back make me get on my stomach (from 12 i had to sleep naked and was not permitted to change sheet till after belting) he would then pull me down the bed till my face was in the wettest part he would then rub my face in it telling me how lasy i am and to smell you i am going to get the belt as he then proceeded to give me 25 strokes then i was sent naked to the bathroom with my sheet and had to wash them by hand. At boarding school if you wet twice you were sent to the last dorm know only as the bw dorm which i stayed in from 8 till 16 there were always 12 to 16 boys in the dorm at any time ranging in age from 8 to 18. boy 8 to 12 sleeped in pjs boy over 12 had to sleep naked and boys over 15 had to shave there pubes off.the moring rutine was the brother would come into the dorm at 6am you rose pulled your beding back then stood at the end of your bed hands on head they would then start with the oldest boy and may there way dorn the dorm. if you had wet you were taken to the side of the bed well one brother held you down rubbing your face in the sheet well the other pulled your pjs down and proceeded to strap you you got what ever your age was if you were 8 you got 8 15 you got 15 ect when they were done you had to take your sheet to the bath room wwash then hang them out then get to breakfast with out being late after school you would bring your sheet back in and make your bed. if you had a ddry night you were sent to the showers . well that is my story guess this is why i have a fetish relating to bedwetting and punishment
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