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A lot of hollering likely...
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Alright this is fresh. I have been on here for YEARS and rarely, if ever, meet someone physically. 1. I am sexually a bottom. 2. I prefer receiving over giving a traditional spanking and I don't like canes or bondage. 3. I am born 12/59 and 53 to 85 or so is what I can relate to. My stats are honest. I'd like to meet someone locally or a bus ride away. I do not have a place that would be suitable for spanking activity. I'd like to actually meet face to face men that are truly into traditional style spanking situations. Men that have a passion for it. It would help me relate to you and vice versa. I have been sexless and no spankings for 10 years because I don't want to bother with all the BS! Otherwise we are wasting time. Have a great day! Bud
St. Petersburg Florida
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