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bad boy in need of discipline
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badboy_42_long Male 65 Gay Play partner - top
Tall, fit bottom here interested in otk discipline from other reasonably fit men of any age, race, etc. Both feet firmly on the ground here, except when I'm squirming over your knee. Role play is a big plus, but not absolutely necessary. I enjoy bare-hand spankings, but you may wish to enlist the help of a hair brush, small paddle, etc. if your hand gets tired before you achieve the desired shade of red. Like to squirm and protest, but if I get too unruly or try to interfere, clamp my legs with yours and pin my arm out of the way. Hot! High pain threshold here, and I like to have my limits pushed as far as you care to take them - short of drawing blood, or causing permanent marks. Especially enjoy guys around my height or taller, but if you can enjoy taking charge, attitude is always more important than size. Sound fun? Send me a note.
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