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Uncle Rumphus Will SPANK You!
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UncleRumphus Male 49 Bisexual Play partner - bottom
Uncle Rumphus wants to give you some of that good ol' fashioned discipline that you missed growing up without me around. I'm 35yo, 6'1', 200# and a firm uncle-type in the South End. I am straight/bi and not into having gay sex (no anal/oral with me- JO is OK) but VERY into hot m/m spanking scene. Nothing turns me on like a hot young guy doing the 'ouchie' dance over my knee as my belt/paddle is slapping his bare ass. Will respect boundaries but we need to discuss them in advance b/c once we meet up I'M IN CHARGE and you will do what you're told to do. I am not interested in FORCING a spanking on you. A safe-word is OK if you like. Interested in REAL spanking situation. I like small paddle, hairbrush, belt, hand. Prefer guys who are verbal. It is so much more fun if you yell a little, beg me to stop & even cry. Kicking up your legs & squirming around is great. Your reaction is what makes it work! Let's get together! Very discreet. Send pic's if interested & SERIOUS. I'll send more pics if it sounds like a possibility for you.
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