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Good Old Fashion SPANKINGS with the HAIRBRUSH
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Tripper Male 65 Bisexual Play partner - switch
Fun loving guy who enjoys giving spankings and/or getting spankings. Playful affectionate spankings are my specialty. I Love the naughty boy scenario where the remedy is a good spanking with the hairbrush on the bare hiney. Sometimes a good lickin' with the strap may be necessary. I'm a switch, so will be happy to return 'the pleasure of a spanking' to my partner. Looking to re-create the spankings that I hated as a kid. Now, I enjoy a good old fashion spankin' with the hairbrush on my bare hiney while lying across my spanker's lap. I have a great collection of antique hairbrushes for you to sample. (as long as you start out lightly and gradually increase the intensity, after a few minutes the endorphins kick in - the you can SPANK AWAY!) And I also have some souvenir spanking paddles e.g. 'Heat for the Seat', 'Board of Education' and besides the hairbrush and the paddle, you may decide that I need a good lickin' with the strap! I also like to play patient / nurse and enjoy rectal temp takings and other anal activities if you are interested. If not, a thorough hiney warming with the hairbrush will more than suffice.
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