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Job Description - Adult Babysitter This job requires a mature individual with strict standards of behavior who is able and willing to use corporal punishment as well as other forms of discipline to keep a naughty adult in line and well behaved. Upon arriving at the home, you will be expected to immediately turn the naughty boy over your knees for a spanking. This is merely to make sure the naughty boy understands that YOU are going to be in charge while you are babysitting. The spanking should begin on the seat of his jeans, followed by his underpants and finally on his bare bottom. He will undoubtedly squirm and kick his feet…he’ll plead with you not to spank him or to stop spanking him…he may even cry. None of these antics should dissuade you from giving him an intense spanking that he won’t forget. This first spanking should be with your hand…you may need to use other implements during the time you are babysitting. After this initial spanking, the naughty boy should be laid out on the bed for diapering. Washing his “privates” and bottom should be done with a baby-wipe. Both areas should be dusted with baby powder and then he should be securely diapered. If he whines or cries about having to wear a diaper, he should be immediately turned over on the bed, you should pull off your belt and warm his bottom up until he promises to be good. During the course of your stay, the bad boy must behave himself. He is not allowed to talk back to you or to swear. Should you decide on chores he needs to do he must do them without argument and do them to your satisfaction. You are allowed to use any reasonable punishment that you deem necessary, including spanking, corner time and mouth-soaping. All beverages will be fed to the naughty boy with a baby bottle. If you are babysitting at meal time, you will be expected to prepare and feed him baby food. He is not allowed to spit out his food…if he does he should be severely punished, probably with your belt. When he is a good boy, it is more than okay to give him positive time, watching TV, playing video games or even just letting him sit on your lap while you feed him his bottle. If he should wet his diaper, and this is very important, you will need to take immediate action. Pull him over your knees, pull down his wet diaper, grab a hairbrush or wooden spoon and paddle his bottom until he will not want to sit down. He is ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED TO WET HIS DIAPER. Punishment for doing so will be severe and extreme, regardless of the bad boy’s crying, begging, pleading and howling. After this severe spanking, he should be cleaned again with a baby-wipe, powdered and placed in a clean, dry diaper. Should you find this position to your liking and satisfactorily perform your duties, you may be asked to return to babysit this naughty boy on a regular basis.
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