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SirCraig1984 Male 35 Gay Cyber friend
A “Master” is a skilled, experienced and knowledgeable Dominant with the capability to own, train and command a slave or submissive. Even if one is a natural Dominant both in abilities and temperament, being a Master requires more than just that. I believe there is a list of things that a Master must know before he can call himself – and be called by others in the lifestyle – a “Master.” I will try to codify them. Since many people meet online – I think giving some guidelines as to what a Master is would be helpful. . Both for those who aspires to be a Master and for the slave or submissive who is looking for a Master. A Master must have certain personal traits. Honesty, strength of character, the ability to communicate, the ability to inspire trust and respect, good judgment, self-control, patience, self-confidence tempered by dash of humility and a sense of humor are essential elements for a Master to possess. No one person can have all of these traits. But a Master should have most of them and strive to work on those areas where he/she might be deficient.
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