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Spankings - give and get
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RobBham Male 59 Gay Play partner - switch
I am interested in giving and/or getting REAL spankings. When giving, I respect all limits but looking to give or get REAL spankings with or without roleplay. REAL spankings do hurt and leave the bottom, red, hot, stinging and sore. The recipient may be squirming, kicking, yelling and begging - and perhaps crying REAL tears. Prefer to spank guys who are my age or younger [must be 18 or older] and get spanked by guys who are 50 or younger [this is a preference not a requirement]. Also prefer guys who are reasonably height/weight proportionate [a few extra pounds is okay]. If you are interested, please tell me about yourself including your age, stats and your spanking interests. If you are in the area or planning to travel to the area, let's talk. I also like to travel - so it might be possible to arrange a meeting.
Birmingham Alabama
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