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May 2009
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Rambo Male 50 Gay Play partner - bottom
Hi, do you like it to try the biggest cuffs of the world (leather and metal)? I have a very nice playroom with very exclusive and special toys. Also unexperienced slaves (and masters) are welcome! Exclusive options with 1 or 2 masters (The other very nice and muscled master is 24 years). Masters and slaves from all over the world have been in my playroom before: Germany, Belgium, UK, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, the USA, South Africa, Japan and Brazilia visited my playroom before. Allways SAFE with a LOT OF FUN for 2 and VERY HOT! A. Bondage only / Soft-SM / Medium SM / Wild SM (All SAFE!), also SUPERBONDAGE and Escapology; B. Hypnose/trance: I can bring you 30 minutes entirely in trance/extase in your most beautiful horny dreams! C. Special Rambo suprise-torture; D. Horizontal and vertical (air)-bondage; E. Rambo-muscle-torture; F. Original Tomahawk-Indians slave dead-dancing; G. The wooden Rambo-catcher; H. Mummifications; I. Rambo’s cattle-bondage; J. Guantánamo Bay prisoner for some hours (or longer:-); K. Mexican horsetraining; L. Japanese and Turkish bondage; M. Electric slave-torture (all SAFE); N. Erotic fighting/wrestling :-) ; O. Boa Constrictor-bondage; P. WILD SM (All SAFE); Q. Special drill-sessions; R. Extra large super-torture BDSM-bed. S. The original US-Army bodybag; I am a goodlooking versatile and very sportive man (judoka) and I have a nice and big playroom with a lot of very special toys for long and nice sessions. I´m looking for quality interaction with real people in my big playroom. More info and special pics I can send you by mail. Not into cyber, scat, dirty. BE REAL. I AM.
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