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RUmyForeverDaddy Male 38 Bisexual Play partner - top
A naughty boy looking for my forever daddy. I'm not an age player but can role play for the right person. I love the sense of safety and security Daddies bring, and need the firm and experienced hand of an older Daddy to keep me in line. I am a sub, although that is exclusive to the bedroom (or wherever else my Daddy might decide to play). Giving up control is my drug and I crave that structured attention only a Daddy can give. But, I do have a naughty side, and like pushing buttons to get a reaction. Maybe a bit more disciple would cure me of that (but I doubt it). I have a ADHD and am occasionally hyperactive, but also focused and driven when something interests me. I am a tad on the feminine side. I do enjoying wearing panties and snuggling with my stuffie. I can appreciate a hard spanking if I've crossed a line but actually like rules, so will generally work hard to follow your guidance. I'm a fan of fair but varied and creative discipline, hate being grounded, and have learned to love and fear attitude adjustments. I like cuddles, hand holding, being tied up and blindfolded, and above all, having a Daddy who knows how to control me, support me, use me how ever he sees fit, and care for me even when I can't do something by myself. If interested, shoot me a message, and we'll take it from there. XOXO
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