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Masculine DOM/DAD/SIR that gives REAL Discipline & Punishment
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REALSpanker Male 45 Gay Relationship
I am an experienced masculine DOM that gives real discipline and punishment style spankings, paddlings and strappings. Ultimately, I want a boy/sub for a LTR that involves spanking, but I am also interested in meeting “boys” ages 18-37 for sessions. I have been lucky to work with both very new and highly experienced subs. Generally, I use traditional domestic styles, positions, and implements, but I have restraint gear as well for military / judicial applications. I prefer clean cut, masculine guys that know they need traditional discipline. A note about pics: I am here to meet real people. I do not care to engage in long, endless chats. The goal is to make contact with other real guys and eventually meet – in person. Ultimately, it is a pretty small world, and I travel a lot, so meeting is never out of the question. If you want to communicate with me, have clear, recent pictures. I do not really care if you have a face pic posted on this site, however if you want to engage with me (chat or otherwise) have a RECENT face pic available to e-mail.
Atlanta Georgia
Charlotte North Carolina
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