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Passionman Male 58 Gay Relationship
I seek a man committed to discipline, fitness, and intimacy. I like passionate spankings, early morning ten mile jogs, and all expressions of love. While willing to date, I don't desire occasional hookups. Spankings should be hard and passionate. As a top, I don't want to restrain myself, even while being careful not to wrap or hit too high or low. When receiving a spanking, I want to sense my top's excitement and please him by letting him exceed my limits a bit. There's nothing better than sensing the top's appreciation of a man willing to take a good whipping. I would rather go wild on the pants than mild on the bare. A hand spanking can be quite satisfying if done with passion. I enjoy staying in shape for both myself and my partner. Sex is a big bonus, but my greatest love is friendship. Through the years, I have found that spanking is a great way of bringing men together.
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