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Looking For A Steady Spanker
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Paddle_Me Male 68 Gay Play partner - top
Since childhood, I have enjoyed getting spanked by a man. I am looking for a husky or chub spanker to meet with on a weekly basis to administer a real spanking. Age doesn't matter as long as your 18 years or older. I want some fun time over a knee. I like my spankings to be long, and hard using your hand, paddle, hairbrush, or bath brush. All bring a very effective burn. Watch my cheeks bounce and turn firey red. A few bruises would be nice. My favorite position is bent over one knee. This position tends to arch a butt high in the air making for a perfect target. Role play is always nice, such as Daddy/son, Teacher/student, etc... Optional: After my spanking, I do like to preform oral on my spanker.
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