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Me, getting paddled in black swim suit...on my birthday
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I would like to find a guy/guys who will give me very real padding... I mean as in for real punishment type paddling...HARD swats, with a wood paddle, and plenty of them... IN jeans, swimsuits or underwear, NEVER bare. The guy who paddles me should be in shape, strong, not overweight... the logger, construction worker, rancher, D8 Cat operator type, etc...(I'm not trying to stereotype here, just giving examples of what type of guy comes to mind for the strong muscular type of guy that I'd like to take me over his knee for a good paddling). The paddling needs to be real, ..not a beating, not brutal, not anything that would cause injury, but I do mean for real punishment type of paddling...yes, it is definitely supposed to HURT! Take me out the the woodshed, etc. I missed out on when I was young...and still need/want. I am serious here, you be too. No games, just good old fashioned, over the knee HARD I wish I would have gotten when I was young... I mean this for real. Also, into spanking and paddling guys too. Not looking for a relationship, or sex. Friendship is good, though. I value honesty in a guy.
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