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Love getting PADDLED - Love giving a paddling - Your choice
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PaddleMyAss4Hours Male 60 Gay Play partner - switch
Rugged farmboy firefighter, versitile, give or take an ass whoppin. Long weekends work for me. Into hangin with guys, drinking some beer and getting paddled, strapped, whipped, flogged, and cained for hours on end. Especially like playing over a long weekend. Also into kink, ws, tt, electo, sweat, you name it. Always thristy for recycled beer straight from the hose. Switch for sex, top and/or bottom, it's all good. Perfer to be on the receiving end of the paddle but can also dish out anything that I can take. Into taking it like a man but love to be locked in a stock or tied to a cross or ladder. Need to be whipped by a group of hot horney guys. Fantasy is being the only bottom for 8-12 mean rough top men drinkin beer, pissin, and whippin me for an entire weekend. Especially like firefighters, cops, farmers, construction workers, and sweaty sports players after the game all hot and sweaty and need to be licked. Hot sweaty guys all slapping and getting roudy, drinkin beer and tring to out do each other are awesome. Put me in the middle of the pile.
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