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anyone wanna USE me?? <eg>
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Kinda new to this whole spanking scene but an eager student. I once spanked a guy in college to orgasm and felt kinda shortchanged when that was it and i wanted to be on the receiving end of the spanking! :( that fantasy unfortunately remains unfulfilled! Maybe you would like to help me fulfill that one? primary interest is in LEATHER as the screen name implies and have gotten off with or on LEATHER since age 8, REALLY! IF we meet i will be all too happy to tell you all about my sordid love afair with LEATHER! <eg> Now i AM HIV but play safe ALWAYS with little if any exceptions! LOVE oral sex so to me if i can get YOU off orally,GREAT. frottage is good too only NO ANAL sex whatsoever and i KNOW what a major turn off this will be for many dudesout there! Also mostly into guys older than me but ANCIENT!though IF you are older and can still get it up on yer own (or via viagra) that;s HOT! No younger men however! :(
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