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Nicky Needs a Panty Spanking
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Nicky_Needsone Male 66 Bisexual Cyber friend
I am a naughty bi-curious panty dresser. My throbbing bottom needs spanked and humped. I will pull down my panties for you on all fours. I need to taste the belt. I went to the junk store with panties on under my tightie whities, faded blue jeans and light hoodie and bought a used, wide, long leather belt. As soon as I got home, I went upstairs and stripped down to my panties and hoodie. I took the buckle off of the belt and tried various configurations for the sound self-spanking I administered. I doubled it up (too long), I tried the single strap (worried that it would bruise) and then I doubled it up with a couple of folds to shorten it as a handle. A hundred doubled up leather belt swats alter, I had a red bottom and a throbbing rod which was quickly stroked until it spurt on my stomach with my panties pulled down. I want to be turned over a man's knee and whipped good with a leather belt and have a strong orgasm. That is why I updated my profile. Tell me what you will do to me.
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