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MysticalParadox Male 66 Gay Relationship
MY DEAREST, ARIES-BORN ''DADDY,'' PLEASE LOVE ME AND TIGHTLY HUG ME love me, as well as soundly spank me with your powerfully paternal palm, because I am your loving, spanking-starved, Sagittarius-born 64-year-old 'son' type with a callipygian, compact, boyishly beauteous, BARE BOTTOM! I remain absolutely honest and serious! PLEASE BE AS HONEST AND SERIOUSLY SINCERE AS I AM! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! My dearly beloved 'Daddy,' I honestly and truly want to tightly hug you, to sit on your lap, to wrap my long arms around your neck and passionately kiss you in A LONG-TERM< ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP ALL THE DAYS OF MY LIFE! Personally, I appreciate all the fine things in life: romance, gastronomic dining in/out, reading, writing, all the arts, kissing, cuddling, travel, having meaningful conversations in coffee houses, and, last, but not least, being vigorously hand-spanked by your powerfully paternal palm on my small, irresistibly sexy fanny over your manly lap of luxury, either on the sofa, or else, in bed, on the bed, after I have previously taken a shower by myself! After each one of your vigorously sizzling, sane, steady spankings by your firm, upper hand, I shall hug you, kiss you, while sitting on your lap! I am also a clever conversationalist, a six-foot-two, tantalizingly tall, distinguished-looking, callipygian gentleman with soon-to-be red-hot hips! I shall make YOU feel wanted, appreciated and loved, day in, day out, for the rest of our mutually shared lives! Being a broad-minded Christian man, and I can intelligently discuss anything from ballet, opera, politics, world literature, current trends, HAUTE COUTURE, classical and popular music, current events in the world, et cetera! I enjoy spending time in coffee shops and gastronomic emporia, cuddling, hugging and kissing a man like you for hours, watching intelligent movies and documentaries, travel, walking on a semi-deserted beach before sunset hand in hand with you, sharing our important thoughts and feelings, getting well-spanked over your lap by your hand, et cetera! Being a poor, profound, passionate poet, I appreciate all the arts, and it would be a definite plus if you did, also! I am a LOYALLY LOVING, benevolent 'boy'' and 100% HAND-spanking-starved 'son' by psychological predisposition! I wish to have an exclusively romantic, long-term, life-long relationship with you, my Aries-born 'Daddy' whom I wish to cherish all the days of my life, day in, day out! THANK YOU VERY MUCH for taking the time to read this articulate and UNIQUE profile! If these things were appealing to you, PLEASE send me your first name and your residential address in order that I may write to you a handwriiten, romantic and passionate missive! Thank you, once again! May God bless you, my dearest 'Daddy!'
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