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Looking for REAL spanking from a younger guy (can give too)
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MesqSub4u2 Male 44 Bisexual Play partner - top
seeking fast paced, rapid fire, OTK, bare ass whippings from a YOUNGER dude until tears, or I am begging for it to stop. Looking for someone serious about it and who isn't shy. Cool to do it in front of YOUR friends. Open minded here and very dareing. Can't usually host. Would love to talk to other people like minded. Vers here and can top, but prefer to go over your knee by force and take it when you see fit. Be aggressive with it and don't take no for an answer. Please, I am not, repeat, NOT into dad/son scenes. I ONLY like guys around my age or younger. At most 39 years old to 18 years is my age range. If you are older than that, then it's just not going to work for me. Yes, that is me getting spanked in the video. Gives you an idea on the kind of spanking I am talking about. UPDATE: now partnered, he knows. NO SEX, JUST SPANKING, and he must approve
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