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Massage_N_Spank Male 68 Gay Play partner - bottom
Top Guy Here Note: I only travel, I never host. Sir / Boss / Daddy, Here. I'm a GWM, 6', 67, Hazel eyes. Balding (gray and brown) hair is shoulder length, tied back or not. 240 Lbs.. Italian, Hairy (Some hair all over). Not a gym rat, with a Daddy / Sir belly. Spanking / BDSM training sessions. Sessions start with you wearing a pair of levis(blue jeans / dungarees). I'm in my combat boots, leather vest, black tee shirt, black combat pants and black cap. On the BDSM side it's: my hand, belt, paddle, cops night stick, small hockey stick, small flogger can be used on your body, your choice. Dildos used for fucking you, if wanted. Bondage is with rope only. Over years of doing first time Bondage and S/M scenes, and first time fucks, this works out best. We chat about things you want to try. Then I build a scene like the one below, you can add stuff you don't see here and take away stuff you don't want to try. The scene starts with me and My BOY (not sure why I like the term 'BOY' for all my bottoms, be they black, white, young or old), or you pick a name you want to be called. Sitting facing each other. We discuss the things the BOY, wants to do / try. Using a point set up, such as 3 points per request. If there are 6 things the BOY wants to try, that would be 18 points. Points are translated into strokes of my studded belt, against the BOY's LEVI covered ass. I stay dressed for the whole session. I like to start off with at least 15 points. To do a session right. The points re redeemed by the BOY, wearing only his jeans. The BOY turns around and places his hands behind his back to be tied. Now he is ready to earn, what he wants needs. He kneels places his mouth on my Combat Boots. Then he is asked if he knows how to count. I then tell him how I need him to count, (BOY to his SIR). For each point the BOY receives a stroke from my studded belt, across his levi covered ass, as the BOY keeps count. When the BOY reaches the total amount of the points needed to get what he wants. The count goes as follows: 'SIR!, one, SIR!, Thank You, SIR!' / 'SIR!, two, SIR!, Thank You, SIR!' etc. until the BOY gets to the end. And I need to hear all 6 words. I can make a BOY count straight thru or make him lose count depending how I strike his butt. Note: If The BOY loses count we restart at ONE. This is my way of building trust from the BOY, before we try other stuff. Note: there is always a safe phase of 'SIR! PLEASE! SIR! STOP! SIR!' And I need to hear all 5 words. This gives the BOY's, that are into rape scenes an IN, so they can say what they want. As a turn on to them / me, and I won't stop. Or Boy's an out If they really need to stop the action and regroup. I like to make my BOY cum, as he stands naked jerking off as I slap his butt.
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