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Love LITE OTK! 'Hands On Friendly'!
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LeechyNUT Male 68 Gay Play partner - switch
I'm mostly bottom, but also love to give good spankings! OTK/hand = fave. also have Paddles, strops and other 'implements' for use..., I'm not a 'bad boy' - don't really need discipline or 'motivational' spankings..., I'm lousy at roleplay - just love getting my smooth, round bottom playfully/erotically smacked!!! After a slow/sensual warmup - can usually take a lot more! SEX VERY optional... especially if you're a FURRY guy!!! My main fantasy is being spanked by / spanking a very furry naked guy... then sex... Whether we meet for just spankings... or spankings as foreplay to sexual stuff... I'm game! I'll jump across any furry guy's lap in a heartbeat! now, for SEX - I love 'old man sex' - mostly kissing/cuddling/spooning/body contact... some penetration (bottom/vers. = me). Just ask! I MIGHT!!!
Menlo Park California
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