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KCkeen Male 70 Gay Play partner - switch
Friends, bros, buds, maybe just maybe a boyfriend - that's what I'm here looking for. -- -- It's great to spend time - either as friends or in sessions - with guys who know that strength builds strength and that spanking is one awesome way for men to bond. -- -- Both giving and/or taking discipline is awesome. -- -- More than anything else, a strong sense of adventure, and deep appreciation for the benefits of spanking are traits I enjoy in a man. -- - - As you can see from my screen name I'm keen on Kansas City. I'm also ready to explore the planet again and learn what I can learn -- trips through Scotland, Ireland, England, Germany, Austria, Italy, Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Mexico, Central, and South America, yes, and the U.S. are in the works for last half of 2021 and early 2022. All the best to you.
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