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You're Overdue, Get The Hairbrush.
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Jonass48 Male 62 Gay Play partner - bottom
This has always turned me on. As an act of male-bonding, a manhood ritual and (weirdly) the most vulnerable, open and intimate that two men can be for and with each other. For a man in our society and country to willingly relinquish control to another man, to submit to him and allow him to give you ass pain to break you down is a gift and a privilege. Interest for me has always been with spanking as foreplay, always leading to sex. Get hard and get off, this is too hot not to acknowledge the chemistry and emotional intensity between two men who spank. I'm into clean cut, jeans and t-shirt or chinos, suit and tie, etc. Love hairbrushes, and serious, intense but brief bouts of spanking. Get off on socks and feet too.
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