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Yea, I Want a spanking. At times I Need.
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Jonas Male 49 Gay Play partner - top
Ok, here goes. I want a spanking. I want to be spanked. No, I need a spanking to help me harness the errant 15 yr old inside, lol. Finally stopped jerking off imaging and have been 'learning' via some very cool guys. Went for it. Now I'm all in. Don't know why but want the experience. Sometimes feel I really need. The Real Thing. Slow, steady, with some laughter in the mix. I now know for sure…I'm friggin tuff. Can take a lot. More than spankers expected, although I think it's just my butt going numb. Which begs me to ask (beg…get it), what are my limits? How much will be too much? I just need to let go and learn.
Brooklyn New York
Greenwood Indiana
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