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YOUR Belt, MY Butt, PERFECT Together !
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Jebu Male 52 Bisexual Play partner - top
I am NOT a dom-top (pitcher), I am NOT lookin for a sub-bottom (catcher). I am looking to submit to an old-school Cowboy-belt strapping. I can only host in a motel somewhat local to me. I am UNABLE to travel. Wrangs & Boots, Southern/Southwestern-Drawl (accent) & hard-earned calloused working-Man's hands are my ONLY turn-on's. If you are 'obscessed' with cock, then you & I are definately N.O.T. on the same page. Effeminate white-collar metro-sexual/gender-fluid progressive/woke types need NOT bother responding. DITTO for anyone Poz or carrying any STD's or if you only shower/bathe once a yr.
Billings Montana
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