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Respectful. Excitable. Loyal. Helps others. Caring. Lives to Play, not lives to work. Works hard so he can play. Not so he can just work some more. Play I'm seeking: Daddy keeping his boy well ordered, organized, and disciplined. Enjoys the game of play and being in charge and at times demanding. Handles problems with his boy swiftly. Responds to the Phrase, 'Wait 'til your dad gets home.' And 'Get the hairbrush.' I really hate to be spanked in front of other boys -- it's humiliating and shaming and that's excellent. What is most effective about other boys getting spanked while I'm also spanked is I get to go to the corner to think about my red rumpus or to the boys room to see my bottom in the mirror. The break helps, and while you take care of another boy's bottom, it makes it possible for me to learn my lesson over a much longer period of time. I don't know if that all makes sense, but I hope you see where I'm going with that thought. Again, I don't like getting my fanny warmed. I am apt to struggle and squirm to not get my bottom beaten. You basically have to be willing to really take charge: Pull me over your knee. (I'm not going to go wilingly) Yank down my pants and underpants. (I'm not going to pull mine down for you) Make me sit still with a burning bottom on a hard chair. Make me stand in the corner. March me to my room. (No, I won't go) Demand that I get the hairbrush or expect worse. Hope we meet soon.
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