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Seeking buddy discipline, friendly but real. Cannot host.
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Ian Male 65 Gay Play partner - switch
The giving (or the exchange, if that's what both want) of CP in masculine rituals seems to me an almost sacred thing. The voluntary exchange of CP between equals is one of the highest expressions of male friendship. Some men are defensive about whether or not there is always a sexual element in this sort of CP, but there is really no need to make a point of differentiating sexual from non-sexual CP, because all CP is inherently sexual to some degree (either openly or 'invisibly,' so to speak), and that is entirely a good thing. It has a sexual 'edge' to it which can either be chastely ignored or consciously enjoyed, but whose presence is inherent. Voluntary CP is an expression of manhood and of a shared affinity, and as such it is honorable and good, whether or not it leads to (or is part of) any actual or overt sexual activity or remains quite chaste. The extent to which sexual elements will be perceived or experienced varies widely with each individual. I have come to this website in hopes of finding friends who share this view and who would like to email about it at first. After that, I know I would benefit from receiving real discipline, perhaps eventually in front of witnesses, as part of ritual or roleplay or demerit-based discipline or just for fun. That, along with like-minded friends, is mostly what I hope to find here.
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