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Hombredepaz2004 Male 70 Gay Play partner - top
Is there someone that can P-L-E-A-S-E give this ass a some pretty red marks? I can't seem to meet even one relentless Ass-Man on here to do me that favor. I'm an in shape, older WM. 6'1' 190. I'm private, sane, friendly and dependable, with no games. But I got a crazy NEED to meet a strict dom Ass-Master. I always been praised for this sexy appealing butt; it's itchin' and RIPE for those DEEP stinging welts of a cane and leather whip. Begging for the privilege of getting it bent over, hog tied, stripped naked, humiliated and abused. . . Yeah, I'm definitely in need of a serious butt whipping. I don't prefer OTK, or wimpy brushes. I can 'dislike' extended periods of restraint. But what the h*ll, a SUBject's preferences don't add to the fun if you don't ignore them? Right? So when you need a proud, strong-willed,and in shape man-butt to whip for your amusement, HMU with, where to bring this ass for your pleasure. You must be a wimp if you don't Give It a Go. . . Rob
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