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Stepdad Needed for Bareassed Punishment
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My stepdad was a retired corrections officer who belived in bareassed whippings to keep me in line. I would report for punishment in the basement, strip, and assume the postion with my ass in the air, waiting for the belt or paddle. When I got busted for stealing beer, he brought home a prison strap and wailed on my bare ass so hard I had red welts across my cheeks for weeks. Looking for strict discipline and corporal punishment in a reform school style environment. Ready to face correction for serious offenses: Sir decides the appropriate punishment for real-world infractions I have yet to face any consequences for. My ass, your wood paddle. Love to swap stories, pics, clips of real punishment spankings, reform school stories, prison strappings, bootcamp discipline. Enjoy the clips I have posted here: although none of them are of me, they show the scenes I'm into.
Portland Oregon
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