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Firmhanded, strict but caring Masculine Dad sks Boy (18-30) for Adventure and LTR
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Firmhandeddad Male 65 Gay
I am a natural Dad type and always have been. I like taking care of younger guys (specially 18-25) who want a big tall strong mature reliable Dad in their life. My boy gets lots o' luvin, but he'll also get his bare bottom spanked over my knee when he's been bad, like a naughty boy should, and afterward he'll stand in the corner hands on head with his pants down. He also gets his mouth washed out with soap if he uses bad words, fibs, or talks back to his Dad. I am strict but fair, never sadistic or brutal. A boy takes his punishment because deep down he knows he deserves and needs it, and he wants his dad to feel proud of him, not mad at him. After the spanking, though, all is forgiven, and I hold him tight in my arms all night long, so that he feels protected and safe and loved. I prefer slim to fit guys (sorry, just not attracted to stocky or chubby) of any height or race. I am VERY tall (6'5), so you will feel like a boy in this Dad's arms. Love to cuddle, love to have my boy fall asleep in my arms at night, also have a kinky side <wink> BTW, if you don't like being spanked (at least a little), then I am not the right Dad for you.
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