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Looking for discreet discipline. As a kid my dad spanked me and i found the embarrassment just as much of a deterrent as the pain. It was almost symbolic punishment sometimes. All the boys got spanked and it was never questioned. When I was younger he sometimes gave me just hand spankings but even those were on my bare butt. I hated having my pants and underwear pulled down. My dad very often threatened to pull them down and spank me in front of my friends. When he'd threaten me that way my friends were eager to take him up on it too. I was so afraid of that actually happening that I'd take my spankings without any fuss just to get it over with before any of my friends could happen along and watch. Now I'm looking for the same type of discipline. Not overly brutal but just to make a point. Later on my dad did use a leather belt on me too so I wasn't totally a wimp.
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