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Looking for punishment and fun by way of spanking and paddling of the bare bottom!
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Donovan77 Male 44 Bisexual Play partner - top
Looking primarilly for serious punishment and serious disciplinary spanking. I am Donovan Korley, a 43 year old male sub/bottom. While I am primarilly a sub, I can give, and want to give and take! I want to give more details about my physical appearance. New pics will be coming soon. I am 5 ft, 11inches high, weigh about 185. I am thin and only slightly muscular built, but I am strong. I only have a slight belly pot. I am told I am sexy, and young looking for my age. My skin is young looking and tan [not overly tan]. I have green eyes and dark brown hair. I have very little body hair, and my bottom is smooth and hair free. I mainly am interested in receiving good, hard spankings, paddlings and whippings paddlings to my bare bottom for disciplinary, as well as for fun and erotic desire! Not interested in outright sex activity. Ideally, I would love to have a spanker who is strong and muscular-more so than I am, who will use their strength in giving good hard paddlings that I need and want. I have many implements, but love others implements as well. I am also into role play, hugging, squeezing, cuddling, and other ideas that may come up if we are both consenting to them. I live in Colorado, but am not short on travel money and abilities to travel long distances, so please, even if you are a distance away, contact me, and lets see what we can come up with. Hope to hear from you soon!!
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