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Live in San Diego, CA and work in Orange County, CA. I will be traveling for work to many parts of the US over the summer, so hit me up if you are interested. I think that there is a tradition, and also a sense of aesthetics which applies to punishment spanking. Bottoms have been spanked for thousands of years. Much of it has been eroticized in the context of this web site, and it is sexual for me. But nonetheless, everything that makes a spanking is designed with one tradition and purpose in mind: the tradition of maximizing the pain to the bottom in order to effect a change in behavior and attitude. Whether one considers the implements, the positioning, the baring, or any other traditional consideration for spanking... all of these things have only one essential purpose - to maximize the pain for the bottom. That is the point. I don't think it is a stretch at all to say that the spanker has an obligation to honor this tradition which has been passed down through millions of spankings over thousands of years. It is a rather awesome tradition, when one stops to consider how many bare bottoms have been spanked, how many tears have been shed, and how it has benefited our society through improved behavior and attitude. Similarly, I would say that the bottom has a solemn obligation in the most vulnerable way to maximize the effect of the spanking, if he is to honor this tradition. The sorer the bottom becomes, then the more the mind comes to truly understand why spanking has endured over the millenia. I also have views on erotic spanking, which I enjoy too.
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