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Daddy seeking bottoms needing spankings and discipline.
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DaddyPaddy Male 53 Gay Play partner - bottom
Daddy seeking bottoms, boys, men, CD's, trans or ??? Like a menu pick your options; Hand, paddles, canes, straps and floggers. Lite to rough. Gradual build up or full on from the start. Role play or simply spank/flog/whip. Over the knee, over the chair or strapped down. Sensual, disciplinary, servitude or sexual spankings. My place*, your place or public**. 1 on 1 or group play, Make your selections, I'm waiting for you. If what your looking for is not covered, let's talk. Not optional: Safe, sane & consensual and Safe words. I play by both schools of thought. Available most evenings after 6:30 and weekends. Conveniently located near Crescent Lake, near Downtown St. Pete. *Preferred on first session. ** Proper venue only.
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