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CheMaster Male 31 Gay Masochism Take
latest updates ~I have start to share my photos and videos for your entertainment . Due to so many request;so Checkout bdsm artwork my gallery *PLEASE don't start conversation with hello. I expect you to start a conversation by reporting to me on ur status and your expectation and what u want me to do to u ? No worries on looks ... As I'm not here to look for a life partner ... I'm here to look for a slave !!! Slaves don't need to look good ... They just need to be good boys, obedient and fuckable... So just send me ur photos if u want ... For I won't judge ... JUST bear in mind that I'm YOUR master !!! AND You are Just a slave ... so just strip and follow orders !!! Newbies are allowed to Try at their own risk... DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARNING YOU !!! WELL of course ... you Just admit that you are new and I will be willing to teach; Don't act like a pro when you know nothing AT ALL ! the listing below are my general interest and routines; It will work as a guideline for you to understand my work. - CF - ANAL - CANING - 24/7/365 - FISTING - FCUKING - TORTURE - VIOLENCE - CANNING - WHIPPING - SPANKING - FINGERING - NO RIGHTS - NO ESCAPE - NO RELEASE - PUNISHMENT - NO FREE WILL - FORCED TASK - CONSTRICTION - SLAVE TRAINING - DEHUMANISATION - BREATH CONTROL - GANG SESSIONS - MENTAL & PHYSICAL TRANSFORMATION INTO OBJECT LASTLY !!! pls be sure to share ur limits and fantasies with me ... Before we meet ? As I would like to understand more before a session and also make ur fantasy come true if it's within my capability! PLS INBOX !!! Mostly preferred is to contact through in box here. FOR arrangement of sessions and stuff; I'm waiting.
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