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Centexrudy Male 66 Gay Play partner - switch
I'm 54, 5'10', 190#with salt-and-pepper hair cut short and a trimmed beard. I did a couple of triathlons this past summer (2007) so I'm in decent shape and I'm told I carry myself well for my age. I found I had an interest in spanking about a decade ago, when a guy I was hanging with wanted to be disciplined and I found I liked administering the punishment. I've branched out since then and I like both sides of the fence, but I'm OK with only giving or receiving, depending on my partner and other circumstances. I like to play with fellas younger than myself ... and sex HAS happened as a result of a spanking connection, although most of the time it's just straight-up swats. I'm especially good with straight guys and first-timers; I grew up in West Texas, I know what I'm doing. My job with a spanking partner is to give him exactly what he came for -- no more and no less -- so long as the guy is of legal age and there is no desire for serious damage or lasting marks. Would love to meet some of you guys -- especially the tight-jeans crowd. I'm a sucker for a nice butt in Levi's or Wranglers every time. Play safe and have fun.
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