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throw and hold me over your knee
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Cambospankes Male 25 Gay Play partner - top
I'm actually just a down-to-earth, kinda goofy kid who wants to start to explore his interests, and get to know someone in the process. I want to be commanded over your lap. My refusal just makes you start to grow angry as you stomp over to my cowering body, tightly grip my upper arm, and forcefully pull me over your knee despite my pleas. You rip my pants down and without hesitation unload a flurry of spankings that make me buckle over your knee. I throw my hand back but before I can even protect my stinging rump you intercept and catch my arm out the air and twist it up my back. You yell at me for my disobedience and you noticeably increase the strength of your spanking. My butt starts to glow red and I just can't take it anymore. I start to kick with extreme power to try to block the impaling smacks your hand provides. My intense struggling only makes your disciplining of me become harder, and in one solid motion you swing both my legs under one of yours, locking them in place, and announce to me that I have been disobedient and that you will put me in my Place. I now lie over your lap with my arms pinned against my back, and my legs pinned under your legs. you make sure I understand that my punishment ends when YOU want it to end.
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