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I'm looking for men/boys who want
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Brassbear Male 63 Gay Play partner - switch
I'm looking for men/boys who want and need a Strict Firm Hand to over see their Discipline. I'm easy to be with and like to have fun, but when I give a Spanking it is for real. I have been on the receiving end of the spanking and know what it's like. If your a beginner, happy to work with you. Also looking for Men who want to form a group and share the Brotherhood and Trust that only the Paddle can bring. All are welcome, Tops/Bottoms/Gay/Bi/Str8 Let's make this happen men. I have old fashion blue collar values. 'Get your britches stripped off and go fetch the Paddle now'! I have a short cropped silver beard and blue eyes.. I also administer Enema's to Tops, Bottoms and all men and boys, also do group enema's.. You know you want one...
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