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Cowboy daddy looking for a son
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BGm789 Male 48 Bisexual Relationship
Moving out of my mom and dad's house looking for a son that wants a serious father and son relationship I will be traveling full time in my horse trailer looking for a Son that wants to serous give up his old life and just wants to travel and work from the campground then going to the office all the time and work from the trailer doing online work of if any of you have a disability and not able to work then you can come along for trip I am a dad that loves to give his son a spanking and do other things but not in to sex help you to get ready for bed putting on a clean diaper and help you in to you PJ's I am dad that will let his son play with his dad's penis as i play with his penis I am a dad that will teach you to swim, ride horses and fix things on a small farm take you,horseback riding, swimming and shopping to a movie That will play games with you like video games board game card games get down on the floor with you to play with your Lego set or play with toy cars Just be a dad to you If you have any other questions just ask I will be happy to Aweser them I am selling my farm in S.C. Soon will be traveling full time by mySelf living from state to State or go over seas when I want too. looking for a Serious relateship ship with some that wants a dad that wants to travel and learn to ride horses full time and live from one state to another state and likes camping fishing and swimming
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