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Belt Whip my 501's and Feed me Your Load
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BANDIT59 Male 61 Gay Play partner - switch
White male,57,5'11',260 pound boy looking for StepDad willing to spank my ass in Springfield,Missouri. I like to start out over my jeans with hand,paddle,strap,cane or switch until they feel like their on fire. Then the jeans come down for a bare ass whippin. If you think you can handle this big boy then email me Would love to find a Stepdad who lives on a farm and has a barn or woodshed to march me out to. You could bend me over a hay bale or a log in the woodshed and tear up the seat of my jeans with the razor strop. Also willing to give if you like. I love using my paddles and prison straps starting out on your jeans until they are hot to the touch and then I will whip your bare ass until it is VERY red and welted!!!! And of course after StepDad has whipped my ass raw I'm sure he would hold me and tell me that he still loves me. Then he would unbutton his 501's and pull his cock out and make me suck him until he blows a nice hot load in my mouth!!!! Or if you prefer you can lube up my virgin ass and fuck me until you deposit your huge load up my ass so it will be leaking out and soaking my cutoffs for hours!!!!!
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